What is DVRcloud?

DVR loaded with Cloud Technology move a step further to overcome the limitation of traditional DVR in order to provides better security. It is not only tightly link with cloud storage, it can deliver your device's information, event notification, remote monitoring, device finding & etc...

DVRCloud Concept

How it works?

It work seamlessly without any software installation, just a one-step activation, as long as your DVR is accessible over the internet. DVRCloud allows you to remotely access your multiple DVRs' device status, receiving event notification, password reset, remote monitoring, devices administration & more..., simply using your smart phone, tablet or desktop.

DVR Function With DVRcloud Without DVRcloud
Real Time, Motion & Schedule Recording
Recorded Video Backup, Playback
IE, iOS, Android Remote Viewing
P2P (Plug & Play for Remote Viewing)
Remote Password Reset
Find My DVR
Panic Button*
Real Time Cloud Backup
Device Status
SMS & Email Notification
Lastest Firmware Detection

*Hardware integration is needed

For further information, please visit our Support and Service Center (URL: dvrcloud.my/support).